About GBrasil


    GBrasil is a large sum of efforts and results. There are approximately 2,7 thousand employees serving more than 13 thousand clients, assisted by a modern IT infrastructure.

    GBrasil's member companies are able to operate in all sectors of the economy and among its clients there are national companies; multinationals; non-governmental organizations; open capital companies; franchises; oil companies; major industries; wholesale and retail networks; financial institutions; law firms; health care companies and services in general; cooperatives; civil construction; equity and family holdings; and micro and small businesses and individuals.


    The Group maintains a portfolio of services with solutions tailored to your business. There are numerous services in the areas of accounting, taxes, personnel management, financial management, legalization of companies, ancillary obligations, Declaration of Individual Income Tax, advice on processes and systems and capital repatriation, among others.

    By knowing your company's accounting is in good hands, you have more time to devote to your business administration and new projects.


    On this site you have the opportunity to follow everything that happens with the Group's companies and learn how they can help your business. The focus will always be detailed and precise information, able to enrich your activity and open avenues and horizons to make the best decisions about investment and the adoption of new business strategies.